Avoid Money Making Scams

You need to be aware of lots of make money online scams that are out there, today I am going to talk about some of them. There have always been get rich quick scams online but they’re really picked up over the past few years.

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The first one should really be obvious to you. You come across a website, and see a video from someone who tells you that they have some life changing software. They will tell you that you simply need to push a button then wait for the money to come rolling in to you.

Then you will see some alleged proof of earnings, but this money is just what they have got from scamming so many people. These programs are simply social and forum spam tools, you will see this when you download them, they are nothing like what the seller claims them to be.

Lots of people don’t know any better though, and as a result they are fooled by these bogus promotions. Another common scam is survey websites which claim there’s several hundred dollars to be made each day from completing surveys online.

They say that once you’ve paid the subscription fee, you will have access to the surveys each day. In reality, once you’ve handed your money over you just get a list of websites where you can sign up and occasionally take surveys. You do not really see these surveys either, and you will only normally get offered a rubbish prize, not money from them.

There is also another scam which involves you supposedly exposing a flaw at an online casino, all with a bogus system. You will be told to play a roulette game with a certain system, you will then be able to see the flaw and this will make you lots of money.

This system in actual fact just doesn’t work, and you are begin tricked into playing at an online casino in reality. There’s nothing wrong with gambling online when you enjoy the game and aware of the risks, but it’s not a get rich quick scheme.

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